Episode #54- Pastoring Millenials, Gen X-er’s and Boomers with Pete Greasley

February 9, 2018

Surprises in pastoring Millenials, Gen X-er’s and Boomers

We are joined by our good friend, Pete Greasley. For those who might be new to the podcast, Pete is the pastor of Christchurch in Newport, Wales where he has served for 23 years. We have had the privilege of having him on the podcast twice before and are excited to have him back!
Pete and Dave discuss what it means to be specifically aware of generational characteristics and how, as pastors, biblical application needs to be given to each generation accordingly.

Episode #53- “On Richard Baxter” with Todd Augustine (Pt.2)

January 26, 2018

Introducing A Titan of Practical Theology, Richard Baxter!

Todd Augustine returns to discuss Richard Baxter’s ministry in greater detail. Todd served as Pastor of Congregational Life at College Church, Wheaton. IL and now lives in Naples where he is the Pastor of Covenant Church–a PCA Presbyterian congregation.

In this episode, Dave and Todd dive into Baxter’s practical outworking of the theology he held to so dearly. We will hear how Baxter–and the Puritans at large–trusted not in their own words of wisdom, but in the Word of God that gave forth true transformation.

This is a fascinating look into God’s work through the ministers of old and we hope it encourages you to persevere and hold fast to God’s Word in these modern times.


Episode #52- “On the Puritans” with Todd Augustine (Pt.1)

January 19, 2018

Why Every Church Leader Should Know the Puritans and Pastor Richard Baxter!

On this new episode, Dave sits down with Todd Augustine to talk about the amazing ministry of Puritan Richard Baxter. Todd served as Pastor of Congregational Life at College Church, Wheaton. IL and now lives in Naples where he is the Pastor of Covenant Church–a PCA Presbyterian congregation. 

The discussion begins with Todd’s story, his unlikely transition into ministry, and how he discovered the writings of the Puritans. From there, Todd explains his in-depth study of Richard Baxter–and how contemporary leaders can apply the advice of the Puritans to their modern-day context.


Episode #51 - Tom Ascol on Being Faithful to the Local Church

November 6, 2017

What does it look like to faithfully serve a church for over 31 years?

Dave and Jamin are joined today by Dr. Tom Ascol. Tom is an author, a scholar, the Executive Director of Founders Ministries, and the pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida where he has served for over 31 years. 

The wide variety of topics discussed include the following:

- Tom’s early years in pastoral ministry and how God helped Tom resolve deep questions about what it means to be in ministry.

- The benefits of pastoring one church with a long-term vision

- The providence and pains for one struck by lightning

- The importance of thinking of pastoral ministry through a theological frame of mind.

This episode is packed with insight about faithfully serving the local church.  We think it will encourage you and stoke your motivation for loving, serving and leading within your local church!

For more on Founders Ministries, please visit founders.org.


Episode #50 - J.D. Greear on Church Collaboration

October 10, 2017

Why is this year’s Sojourn Network Leadership Summit (starting October 23rd in Louisville!) about churches collaborating with one another?  

In this episode, Dave is joined by J.D. Greear. J.D. is the lead pastor of Summit Church in Raleigh, North Carolina as well as a faculty member at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and a former missionary to Southeast Asia. 

Dave and J.D. discuss the nature of church partnerships and how they are important to the survival of both the local church and international mission efforts; the differences between planting a church and starting a multi-site campus; and then the reasoning for J.D.’s removal from the vote for the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention. 

This episode wraps up with the wonderful reminder that the greatest days of evangelism are ahead of us–not behind us!

For more information on the Sojourn Leadership Summit, please visit the Conference page HERE.


Calling Question: How does an individual know they are growing in humility?

September 15, 2017
Dave and Jamin provide insight and answers to this question through presenting particular events where growth and humility can be displayed.  As they wrap up, they give a beautifull reminder that “humility nourishes your soul."

Episode #49 - Trip Lee on Making Much of Jesus

September 1, 2017

What does it look like to for an acclaimed hip-hop artist to become a pastor and make much of Jesus? 

On today’s episode, Dave and Jamin are joined by Trip Lee. Trip Lee is a hip-hop artist with Reach Records, an author, and a pastor at Cornerstone Church in Atlanta, GA.

Trip starts off by discussing his upbringing and how the Lord brought him to where he is as both an artist and a pastor. From there, Dave, Jamin, and Trip speak on discipleship in the local church, church planting, and some surprising thoughts on areas of suffering that reminds us that the Lord doesn’t simply supply us with strength, but that he IS our strength.

Disclaimer: We apologize for some of the rough audio quality of this interview. There were some technical difficulties in picking up Trip’s audio channel. However, we are grateful for the awesome team at Resonate Recordings for rescuing us and saving the episode.


Episode #48 - Dr. Carl Ellis, Jr. and Racial Justice

August 18, 2017
How Should Christians think about and deal with racial justice issues?
Dave is joined by Dr. Carl Ellis, Jr. Carl is a pastor, author, the Pastor for Cultural Apologetics at New City Fellowship, and a former professor of Dave's.
The conversation begins with Carl discussing his time at L'Abri under Francis Shaeffer and then moves into the main topic- racism and the church.
This episode is jam-packed and deals with a very hard and current issue within our country, but Dr. Carl Ellis leaves us with the beautiful reminder that the source of justice is only through the biblical worldview and that God can be glorified through how the church deals with cultural matters.
For more on Dr. Ellis, please visit www.ellisperspectives.com.

Episode #47 - Ronnie Martin on Creativity

August 4, 2017
What do music, writing, preaching, and social media have in common?
Dave and Jamin are joined on this episode by Ronnie Martin. Ronnie is a pastor, church planter, and author (“Stop Your Complaining”, "Finding God in the Dark", and “The Bridezilla of Christ’’), but before that, Ronnie spent his time as a touring musician in the band known as Joy Electric. 
The conversation begins with Ronnie explaining his journey from music into ministry and then leads to how creativity can be useful in music, ministry, writing, and in the use of social media.
For more on his transition from music to ministry, please read the following article: Called Out of the Music Industry Into Pastoral Ministry.

Episode #46 - Church Planting with JR Vassar

July 21, 2017


Is a pastor unsuccessful if he moves on to another position?

Dave and Jamin are joined on this episode by JR Vassar. JR is a former planter in New York City who now pastors Church at the Cross in Grapevine, TX. Once the pastor of a thriving church with two campuses, JR felt called to step down from his position as Lead Pastor and move for the health of his family. 

Following this background story, Dave, Jamin, and JR leap into discussing some specific situations in the world of church planting and pastoring. Topics discussed include:

  • The effects of transitioning from one pastorate to another position elsewhere
  • How the Gospel can be revealed at a greater level amidst uncertainty in transitioning
  • The Biblical idea of ‘’success’’ within ministry
  • When it’s NOT okay to leave one position for another

There is a lot packed into this episode and we pray that you find it beneficial in your planting and pastoring aspirations.