Episode #46 - Church Planting with JR Vassar

July 21, 2017


Is a pastor unsuccessful if he moves on to another position?

Dave and Jamin are joined on this episode by JR Vassar. JR is a former planter in New York City who now pastors Church at the Cross in Grapevine, TX. Once the pastor of a thriving church with two campuses, JR felt called to step down from his position as Lead Pastor and move for the health of his family. 

Following this background story, Dave, Jamin, and JR leap into discussing some specific situations in the world of church planting and pastoring. Topics discussed include:

  • The effects of transitioning from one pastorate to another position elsewhere
  • How the Gospel can be revealed at a greater level amidst uncertainty in transitioning
  • The Biblical idea of ‘’success’’ within ministry
  • When it’s NOT okay to leave one position for another

There is a lot packed into this episode and we pray that you find it beneficial in your planting and pastoring aspirations.


Episode #45- Spurgeon & The Holy Spirit’s Role in Preaching (feat. Zack Eswine)

June 30, 2017

What is the Holy Spirit’s role in preaching and how did Charles Spurgeon experience the Spirit? On today’s episode, Dave and Jamin have the wonderful opportunity of speaking with Zack Eswine. Zack is the Pastor of Riverside Church in Webster Groves, MO as well as the Director of Homiletics at Covenant Theological Seminary. He is the author of several books including “The Imperfect Pastor”, “Spurgeon’s Sorrows”, and “Sensing Jesus.”

They begin by discussing Zack’s doctoral work on Charles H. Spurgeon and then quickly move into an engaging conversation on the Holy Spirit’s role in preaching and how the Spirit has shaped Zack’s life and preaching during his years in the pulpit.

For more information, please visit The Pastor’s Abbey at zackeswine.com.



Episode #44- Stumbling Blocks & Temptations of Pastors

June 16, 2017

For individuals in ministry, or who aspire to ministry, there can be a variety of temptations and stumbling blocks that they may find themselves facing throughout their journey. On this episode, Dave and Stephen discuss the common areas of struggle for leaders and pastors, both young and old, and provide insight on how to avoid those potential pitfalls.


Episode #43- Leadership, Counseling, & Abuse with Dr. Dan Allender

June 2, 2017
On this episode, Dave Harvey and Stephen Altrogge are joined by Dr. Dan Allender. Dr. Allender is the Professor of Counseling Psychology at The Seattle School as well as the author of To Be ToldLeading With a Limp, and Healing the Wounded Heart. Topics discussed include leadership, counseling for sexual abuse, and living in joy because of Christ’s work.
If you’ve never heard an interview with Dan Allender, you are in for an unusual experience. He is insightful, humorous, wise, and yet says exactly what he thinks in a ‘no-holds-barred’ manner. You don’t want to miss this one!
Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the topics discussed, we recommend that children not be present while listening to this interview.
For more on Dan Allender, please visit theallendercenter.org

Episode #42- How Should a Pastor Leave His Church?

May 19, 2017

When a pastor decides it is time to leave his current church, there are a variety of temptations and problems that he can be faced with. On this episode, Dave Harvey and Stephen Altrogge sit down to discuss what they feel is the best way to leave so that the pastor is considering the church and leaders, the congregation is respected, and God is honored.


Episode #41- Paul Miller on Biblical Love & Suffering

April 4, 2017

On this episode, Dave and Stephen are joined by Paul Miller. Paul is the executive director of “See Jesus”-a global-discipleship ministry- as well as the author of “A Praying Life”. Together they discuss his latest book, “A Loving Life”, and then take a look at how the biblical idea of love transforms how we see life, particularly when we suffer.


Episode #40- Pete Greasley (Pt. 2) on Leadership Transitions & Building Missional Churches

March 7, 2017

There’s a lot of leadership transition taking place in churches these days. In “Part 2” of our interview with Pete Greasley, the pastor of Christ Church in Newport, Wales, Dave and Pete discuss how to walk a congregation through transitions in leadership. They also explore the importance of having well organized church structures while not abandoning the call to build missional churches. 



Episode #39- Pete Greasley (Pt. 1) on Long Term Vision & Multi-Generational Settings

February 21, 2017

Recently Dave joined Pete Greasley, the pastor of Christ Church in Newport, Wales for the Eccentrics Conference – the one event, Dave claims, which is most suitably titled to Pete’s personality. On this episode they talk about what it really means to have a long-term vision for pastoring a church and then together explore what it looks like to lead in multi-generational settings.


Episode #38 - Andy Crouch on Leadership

January 26, 2017

In this episode of the Am I Called Podcast, Andy Crouch, author and Executive Editor for Christianity Today, joins Dave and Stephen to discuss the inspiration behind his latest book, Strong and Weak, and then speaks on the surprising issues within leadership that he sees emerging.


Episode #37 - Collin Hansen & Stephen Altrogge

January 10, 2017

"Collin Hansen, the Editorial Director for The Gospel Coalition, joins Dave Harvey and Stephen Altrogge as they review the post election climate and its ties to evangelicalism and then speak on the “New Calvinism”.