Am I Called

Episode #49 - Trip Lee on Making Much of Jesus

September 1, 2017

What does it look like to for an acclaimed hip-hop artist to become a pastor and make much of Jesus? 

On today’s episode, Dave and Jamin are joined by Trip Lee. Trip Lee is a hip-hop artist with Reach Records, an author, and a pastor at Cornerstone Church in Atlanta, GA.

Trip starts off by discussing his upbringing and how the Lord brought him to where he is as both an artist and a pastor. From there, Dave, Jamin, and Trip speak on discipleship in the local church, church planting, and some surprising thoughts on areas of suffering that reminds us that the Lord doesn’t simply supply us with strength, but that he IS our strength.

Disclaimer: We apologize for some of the rough audio quality of this interview. There were some technical difficulties in picking up Trip’s audio channel. However, we are grateful for the awesome team at Resonate Recordings for rescuing us and saving the episode.